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How To Qualify Your Sales And Marketing Leads?

  • An essential first step is to conduct market analysis and customer profiling to establish the primary and secondary criterion that may be used to identify and generate leads and convert them into high-value customers.
  • CRM is as useful as the data it contains. To enable adoption and improve usefulness of such customer solutions, you need good quality data to maximise the CRM’s effectiveness.

    You can generate quality data from:
    • External data sources such as public registry, information providers, lead generations providers
    • Internal data sources such as historical sales data, customer profiles generated from sales, operations and customer services data
  • The criteria to determine the ideal customer profile need to be sufficiently broad to optimise the opportunities in the target market segment. Excessively strict rules can limit access to prospects pool and cause you to miss business opportunities

    Customer profiling and identifying the right criterion for leads can be based on the following:
    • What is the Industry classification to be targeted?
    • What is the revenue size of the targeted companies?
    • How long must the company be established?
    • What other financial indicators or criterion best match your ideal customer profile and internal policies?
    • How well does the targeted prospect list match your ideal customer profile?
    • What's the perfect use case for this prospect?
How Can BizInsights Help You ?

At BizInsights

At BizInsights we offer very user-friendly database solutions covering Singapore Registered companies. Our customise data services can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales teams by generating better quality leads.

BizInsights Advantages :

  • Data that can help you analyse and identify the best prospect profile for targeted marketing improve the quality of leads
  • Provide relevant customise data and information support for better pre-sales preparation and deliver insights for effective proposal and customer engagements.
  • Provide company and financial information on your prospects to pre-qualify credit terms and facilitate smart negotiation.
  • Unearth corporate linkages to help identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities in the group