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Corporate Information report provides you with essential company details and financial information from the company's profit and loss account summary. It is comprehensive yet concise to give you the facts, fast. reports are available in the following three versions.

ESSENTIAL CORPORATE INFORMATION StandardEssential Corporate Information (ECI) EnhancedEssential Corporate Information (EECI) ComprehensiveCorporate Information (CCI)
Registration number / UEN
Change of name details (if any)
Date of registration
Registered Address
Change of address details (if any)
Company type
Company status
Principal activities
Amalgamation details (if any)
5-Year financial information on company and group level
  • Revenue
  • Profit / (loss)
  • Assets (Current and Non-Current)
  • Liabilities (Current and Non-Current)
Subsidiary Information
Shareholders Chart
Accounting Ratios and formulae
Industrial Average Information
Past Directorship
Legal Beneficial Owner
Risk Evaluation
Subscriber 15.50 18.50 71.50
Non-Subscriber 19.00 23.00 88.00
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With CRIF BizInsights Strategic Corporate Information you can instantly assess a company's financial performance, with accounting ratios, over the past 5 years. The report consists of the following information:

STRATEGIC CORPORATE INFORMATION StandardStrategic Corporate Information (SCI) EnhancedStrategic Corporate Information (ESCI)
Registration number / UEN
Primary principal activity
Details of accounts filed
5-Year financial information on company and group level
  • Revenue
  • Finance cost
  • Profit / (loss)
  • Assets (Current and Non-Current)
  • Liabilities (Current and Non-Current)
  • Total Equity
  • Share capital
  • Other reserves
  • Retained Earnings / (Accumulated Loss)
Accounting ratios and formulae
Industrial Average Information
Subscriber 22.00 25.50
Non-Subscriber 27.00 34.00
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CRIF BizInsights can provide the latest Financial Statement submitted by Singapore companies to ACRA as part of their regulatory requirement. Our Financial Statement (FSH) Report is the XBRL Financial Statement filed by the company to ACRA. This digital filing is the financial statement of the company.

Not all companies are required to file financial statements (e.g. Exempt Pte Ltd Co (EPC)). Financial highlights may be filed by companies and available in other reports (e.g. ECI, CCI) Some financial statements are also filed as PDF hard copies and are only available via the ACRA website.

Starting from mid 2021, companies need to file their financial if their revenue & assets is more than S$500k. This is lower than the $5mil previously.

Audited Financial Statement (FSH)
Statutory Reports:
  • Statement by Directors
  • Independent Auditor Report
Primary Financial Statements:
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Cash Flow
Disclosure Notes:
  • Corporate and General Information
  • Trade and Other Receivables
  • Provisions
  • Share Capital
  • Revenue
  • Government Grants
  • Employee Benefits Expense
  • Operating Segments
Subscriber 22.00
Non-Subscriber 26.00
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Our database can provide a list of companies/businesses with which an individual is associated in their capacity as the Manager or Owner of the respective businesses, as an Agent of foreign companies and as Director, Manager, Managing Director, Secretary or Shareholder of the local companies.

Our extensive database which are updated daily, goes back over a 100 years of such data and as such, is able to identity the business individual's present and past directorships.

To search for a People Profile Report, choose Person in the Buy Report & Statement page and provide either the person's name or identity number.

People Profile (PPF)
NRIC / Passport number
Date of change of address (if any)
Current Appointments
Past Appointments
Subscriber 37.00
Non-Subscriber 44.00
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How Can CRIF BizInsights Help You ?

At CRIF BizInsights

We offer very user-friendly database solutions covering all Singapore Registered companies and information from global official data sources. Our customers use our reports and customise data services for Business Verification, Credit Assessment, and Business Performance Evaluation.

Supplier Risks management is growing in importance, especially as part of compliance policies. Checks on suppliers should be carried out during Vendor registration, verification and onboarding.

CRIF Bizinsights Advantages

Official and updated information on customers and vendors with monitoring capabilities to alert you to important business changes.

Information via API can feed data directly into your risk management, CRM or vendor management system to reduce manual work and reduce errors.

You can optimise sales opportunities, purchasing spent or conflict of interest by identifying related entities through corporate linkages, that you may be dealing separately with.