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In order to compete successfully and achieve profitability targets in increasingly complex markets, it is vital to be able to rely on complete, up-to-date business information, and assessment tools to make decisions quickly and efficiently. CRIF's mission is to support our customers to meet these needs.

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international credit report

SkyMinder is the CRIF online platform which enables our customers to access commercial risk data and make better business decisions. CRIF BizInsights can provide business information on almost all countries around the world via SkyMinder. This means that our customers have access to International Credit Checks and Credit Reports from over 230 countries worldwide to gain insights and make profitable decision.

About the International Credit Check & Credit Report

Our Credit Checks and Credit Reports are available in 230 countries and territories, the international credit report provides a clear picture of a business based on the following key data:
  • Identification: Data that can be used to find a company using business registration details, legal form and address.
  • Risk assessment: A rating that can be used to understand the risk level combined with a credit limit to get further insight into company vulnerability. The Local Rating is a focal point for company and risk assessment, starting from country-based information, and avoiding standardized assessments and missing specific local characteristics.
  • Firmographics: Industry code, number of employees, and all information enabling companies to be classified.
  • Financial information: Available if the legal form requires the submission of financial data, balance sheets and ratios to evaluate financial strength.
  • Negative and significant legal events: Crucial to find out if information can affect risk level.
  • Historical data: Changes that occurred in the past involving company management.
  • Business management: Both current and past senior management.
  • Company structure and relationships: Linked to legal form, these data can be used to build a map of company relationships and ownership.
  • Bank details: Name, address, branch of the bank used by the company, if available.

Our International Credit Checks and Credit Reports are available online or can be freshly investigated, meaning that high quality information is available anywhere in the world to all our customers. We rely on multiple data sources and have an established process, starting with official information gathering from the local Registry or Regulators, like ACRA.

Our trained business analyst will then conduct an investigation to verify, uncover, and discover valuable additional information of the subject company. Using our proven proprietary analytical tools and solutions, we analyse and provide a credit score on the subject company to guide our customers in making informed decision.

Other services available in selected countries

Our global business information capabilities extend beyond International Credit Checks and Credit Reports which are meant for normal or high credit risks transactions. To address various levels of risks from low to high credit risks, our customers enjoy our wide range of reports for different levels of credit risks in their business.

  • For Low Credit Risks Assessment:
    Our Global KYC Reports, with basic corporate profile of the company or business provide sufficient information to verify that the company that you are doing business with are who they say they are with basic company data like date of establishment, Paid Up Capital, Directors and Shareholders, shareholdings etc profile data.
  • For Medium Credit Risks Assessment:
    Our Slim or Light Reports, with what you get in the KYC Report such as date of establishment, Paid Up Capital, Directors and Shareholders, shareholdings etc profile data, with some financial highlights, where available.
  • For checking on Individual/Entity:
    Our Compliance Report is specially designed for screening Individuals and Corporate entities against multiple sanction lists, Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing, Fraud, Politically Exposed Person, OFAC etc lists to fight AML, fraud and CFTA worldwide.

Our global corporate and individual information reports are widely used in:
  • Credit and Business Risk Management Assessment
  • AML and KYC screening (Corporate & Individual), compliance, and due diligence
  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Business Development, Sales & Marketing
  • Merger & Acquisitions and Strategic Investments

To understand more on our international offerings, please feel free to contact us.

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