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Are You Looking To Minimize Credit Risk In International Trade And Grow Your Market?

The import and export risk management has always been characterised by country risks, financial risks and industry risks. Risk mitigation is a huge challenge with information from multiple sources that can be both useful and confusing. At CRIF BizInsights we provide you with official business data on companies that can help you in many ways to minimize credit risk in Singapore and international trade.

Managing Risk And Opportunities In Export Business

We help you collate a cohesive picture about your customers or suppliers by helping you in verifying vital information about their businesses. Our reports are generated with dependable information from global registry sources. With these tools and reports, it is easier for you to comprehend and manage the overall risk exposure of your existing customers and suppliers.

Besides risk management, you can tap hidden opportunities that may exist. This becomes even more relevant when you are dealing with large business groups that have a network of companies.

Corporate linkages can help to identify business opportunities, avoid conflicts of interest and compliance issues which can damage your company reputation. With reliable company linkage information, you can gain better understanding of both the threats and opportunities involved with the group.

High risk or accounts that can have a major impact of your business must be proactively managed by monitoring significant changes to the business and its key personnel.

Reports and data solution from CRIF BizInsights provide you a vital advantage where you can optimise your export credit terms and policies with precise insights about your customers.

How can CRIF BizInsights help you ?
In Sales & Marketing

We help you uncover important information about your customers and know how best to engage them to tap business opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to large business groups.

By proactively collecting data on prospects, you can profile, select and target new high-growth customers and acquire profitable accounts. This type of market intelligence helps you to reallocate your sales and operational resources based on business potential from key accounts. CRIF BizInsights data and reports also help you gain deeper insights about industry trends and potential for business development in each of your market segments.

Supplier Risk Management for Importers

Managing supplier dynamics across your organisation is critical and the priority is to optimise purchasing power. Information can help you in your negotiations and achieve significant savings.

With CRIF BizInsights reports and data solutions, it is very easy to uncover supply-side risks. You can reduce your dependencies on suppliers whose business looks vulnerable. At CRIF BizInsights we help you with data to maintain and update supplier information systems with official registry data sources from across the globe.

Sometimes, your suppliers could also be your customers. It is important to manage such relationships delicately to avoid disrupting revenue by unknowingly terminating such a supplier-customer with clear understanding of corporate linkages.

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