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Acquiring Customised Data for Business Solutions

Access to comprehensive Singapore Company Data enables you to select and build data-driven insights across a company's whole business cycle. From business planning, sales and marketing, designing policy, inventory, managing finance, debts and cash flow, you need information. Such information must be customised to users' needs to produce relevant insights that are truly actionable.

Most business and corporations large or small, adopt CRM, ERP, SCM and similar business solutions. To be effective, such solutions need quality data inputs from multiple sources. Third party database marketing companies can provide data that can be integrated into such business solutions to derive Business Intelligence and used across all the functions in the whole business cycle, for applications such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Sales and marketing
  • Operations
  • Credit assessment
  • Business policy setting
  • Supply chain management
  • Finance and debt management.

Looking For A Reliable And Customised Singapore Company Data?

When you are dealing with Singapore companies regularly, it makes sense to invest in a reliable Singapore company database comprising well-maintained company information.

Preferably, such business profiles and company information data comes from official sources and can be easily integrated into business solutions. Manual data entry work is very tedious and fraught with errors. Manual work is also unproductive and affects adoption and use of the business solution and ROI. Customise data, especially via API is the most practical approach to acquiring Singapore Company Data.

How Can CRIF BizInsights Help You ?

At CRIF BizInsights

We offer very user-friendly customised database solutions covering all Singapore Registered companies to facilitate database development, data enhancement and data quality maintenance.

CRIF BizInsights Advantages

  • Access to the official and most current database (updated daily) for information needed throughout the business cycle
  • Assist you in setting data search criterion and provide you with customise dataset.
  • Our Data can be used to pre-populate or update CRM, ERP and SCM system to ease data entry work and keep data updated regularly.
  • You can monitor company information changes to improve database freshness
  • Customised data acquisition with specific search criterion and acquire only relevant data for different applications and requirements.