• World-leading provider of corporate information available in Singapore

About BizInsights

BizInsights is a leading provider of corporate information. As a licensee of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) database, our customers have access to the latest official corporate information in Singapore to make informed business decisions.

We are uniquely positioned as a technology-driven information provider with customised data capabilities to serve innovative information users with API and specific data feed, as well as traditional PDF reports. Our goal is to provide high quality, official data with global coverage through efficient information access tools with cost-effective solutions.

Our local and global clienteles include financial institutions, insurance companies, credit agencies, law firms, management consultancy firms, and government bodies.

Who We Are

In May 2019, BizInsights has been acquired by CRIF Spa, part of CRIF Group - a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information and credit solutions.

CRIF operates in Asia through local companies offering business information services and provide solutions to the market. Our clients manage their commercial risk using our up-to-date and accurate business and credit reports, as well as marketing lists.

Thanks to the acquisition of BizInsights, CRIF will provide Singaporean companies and professionals with an innovative and flexible platform to ensure the highest quality commercial data and critical analyses. CRIF BizInsights customers can have access to the CRIF solutions worldwide and Singapore businesses will be available through the CRIF global network.

Who is CRIF

CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information, and credit solutions. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF operates over four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia). CRIF is currently the leading group in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main operators on a global level in the field of integrated services for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management.

More than 6,300 banks and financial institutions, 55,000 business clients and 310,000 consumers use CRIF services in 50 countries.

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